Experience growth, expansion and mindfulness while walking through pristine nature on a guided leadership journey on some of the most beautiful yet treacherous terrains in the world.

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As a group of 6 to 10, we will support and push each other’s growth and creativity through  deep immersion in a variety of reflective practices and facilitated sessions towards building conscious leadership.  


Gokyo Lakes,


Gokyo Lakes make up the highest freshwater lake system in the world. This trek takes us over loosely held suspension bridges, through lush green meadows and, finally, above the treeline to these famous turquoise lakes. Expect incredible views of Everest as we weave our way to the top at 18000 ft. The quiet trails that allow you to focus on the sheer natural beauty of your surroundings – a much more varied and verdant landscape than the classic Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trek Duration - 15 Days

Next Journey - October 2019


Mt Everest Basecamp, Nepal

The 100 kilometer walk will take us over loosely held together suspension bridges over turbulent rivers, through lush meadows that bring us closer to nature, under magnificent starry skies and ultimately end in the lung-busting and cathartic final climb with majestic views of the king of all mountains.

Trek Duration - 12 Days

Next Journey - May 2019


Great Lakes, Kashmir - India

This 72 km trek is a breathtaking hike through endless maple trees with the crystal clear view of the nearby villages downhill.It offers the thundering silence of the Kashmir lakes and its spell binding virgin beauty . Apart from the lakes, even the barren milky snow clad mountains stand out in might and every bit of nature nestles to make a wonderful picture.

Trek Duration - 8 Days

Next Journey - August, 2019


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Snippets from our recently completed Leadership Journey to Everest Basecamp in May 2018 ...

It was great to have met others on this journey - such energy, enthusiasm, joy and many more adjectives that wont suffice. I had the privilege to learn something from each one and i am going back with a changed mindset, great friends and the best memories and inspirations!