Experience growth, expansion and mindfulness while walking through pristine nature on a guided leadership journey on some of the most beautiful yet treacherous terrains in the world.

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Everest Basecamp Leadership Journeys


The 100 kilometer walk will take us over loosely held together suspension bridges over turbulent rivers, through lush meadows that bring us closer to nature, under magnificent starry skies and ultimately end in the lung-busting and cathartic final climb with majestic views of the king of all mountains.

Through the 12 days, as a group of 6 to 10, we will support and push each other’s growth and creativity through a variety of reflective practices and facilitated sessions towards building conscious leadership.


MAY 2018      NOV 2018     APR 2019


Africa Conscious Leadership Journeys            Mt Kilimanjaro

The 70km trek over 9 days is a deep immersion in the principles and practice of Conscious Leadership.

The journey takes us to the highest mountain in Africa as we walk through different climate zones which starts on heaths and winds further across alpine meadows to ascend to the arctic zone near Uhuru Peak, with the descent passing through the rainforest.



FEB 2019      AUG 2019     SEP 2020


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