David Chak Shan Chun & Felicia Yoon - Founders, Arus Academy

david and felicia.jpeg

*This interview was recorded at the Teach For All Social Innovator Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur in July 2018.

Felicia has had many experiences in advocating for quality education for all and closing the skill and opportunity gap between the students who go to high need schools (low performing schools) and students from privileged schools. She has worked closely with the students in the community she was sent to in Penang to find solutions on how to inspire, motivate and push her students to reach their highest potential. Her current education initiative, Arus was set up to ensure students had a thirst for knowledge instead of A’s and students were able to see the value and application of education in their everyday life.

David graduated from McGill University in Canada. During his university studies, he finds that he learn the best in his computer science classes more so than his Psychology classes. This inspired David to run a school initiative in his second year of teaching to run an after school program to equip students with coding skills. This afterschool initiative grew into a full scale social enterprise with the help of other Teach for Malaysia alumni. At its core, Arus runs programs that focus on coding and other STEM related programs for the community, students, teachers, as well as working with the Ministry of Education and other organization to create hands-on learning content.