Umesh Malhotra - Co-Founder & CEO, Hippocampus

Umesh Malhotra.jpeg

*This interview was recorded at the Teach For All Social Innovator Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur in July 2018.

A graduate of one of India’s leading engineering institutes, IIT Madras, Umesh began his career in Infosys and then went on to create and sell an IT company. A serial entrepreneur whose experiences range from IT services and restaurants to social enterprises, he was elected for the Ashoka Fellowship in 2008 for his work .

Umesh is the co-founder of Hippocampus and currently the CEO at pre-school centres in for low income households in rural India. The first set of centres started in June 2011. The Hippocampus programs fuel more than 300 preschools and 11 primary promoting reading among children. Hippocampus Learning Centres. Hippocampus Learning Centres operate schools in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra in India. The model is also being replicated successfully in Mexico.