Soumya Jain - CEO, iTeach Schools

*This interview was recorded at the Teach For All Social Innovator Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur in July 2018.

Soumya was born and brought up in Pune and studied engineering. He worked for an electronics firm in the US for about four years, before coming back to India to join the Teach For India Fellowship. Post the two years, he founded iTeach Schools - a charter school network in Pune, to provide a free and high quality high school education to the most underprivileged students of the city. He started as the School Leader of the first school in 2015, and have transitioned to the CEO role since 2017, as they expanded to six schools in the city.

iTeach Schools is a network of free high quality secondary charter schools serving nearly 1000 low-income students of Pune city across 5 branches. Started in 2015, they are focused on providing schools for students to attend grades 8-10, since there are no public high schools in the city.