Henry May - CEO, CoSchool

Henry May.jpeg

*This interview was recorded at the Teach For All Social Innovator Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur in July 2018.

Henry is the CEO of CoSchool, a startup that challenges the status quo of education in Colombia by providing a range of programs (lasting for one day, one week, four months) that build character and leadership skills in students. He has lived in Colombia for the last 6 years, and has also been involved with the UK charity, The Huracan Foundation, which he set up in 2011 following a story involving the power of football (soccer) to connect people and transform lives.

CoSchool was founded to address the alarming character and leadership skills gap that exists in private and public schools in Colombia. We offer programs designed to empower participants to identify their strengths and growth opportunities, and design strategies based on their findings, and empower their leadership and social-emotional competencies. We have worked with public and private schools, universities, private companies and their foundations and the Ministry of Education.