Nathan Pai Schmitt - Co Founder, The HadaNou Collective

Nathan Pai Schmitt.jpeg

*This interview was recorded at the Teach For All Social Innovator Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur in July 2018.


Nathan grew up in a world of diverse cultures, conflicting values, and no one with the experience to teach his sister and him how to make sense of it all. Finding a home in the space between meant that they had no choice but to understand and truly empathize with conflicting sides of culture, race, class, and so on. The organization he cofounded, The HadaNou Collective, is a vehicle through which a collective of the people most impacted by systems of oppression can build together.

 The HadaNou Collective exists to make it easy for students, families, and communities to shape schools in their own image. They specialize in the process of Community Co-creation, which supports communities in changing the schools that currently exist in their neighborhoods (through what they call "Centers") and in supporting communities to design and build their own schools from scratch.